Showing off at a hackathon


2 weeks ago, my agency entered a hackatho. It wasn’t a very tech based hackathon, more toward ideas and implementation so we we’re able to make a prototype using Glide…

We didn’t win, but I want to share that this is the 6th time or probably more as I’ve lost count that I’ve entered a hackathon using Glide. FYI, we did win in 2020. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some pictures of what we presented:

FYI, it was an app that record a students’ book report, with some minor elements of gamification.

We presented an idea that allowed each school to operate their own app, aka decentralising data therefore reducing the load off national servers. School can then just sync their data with a national one.

Thank you for reading!


nice! :clap:

Hey @kingzy! These look great!

Could you share more details about the app you built for the hackathon?

What as your approach? Can you share a link to it?

Excited to see what you put together. :fire:

Nice idea and challenge, congrats!

Just for curiosity: what kind of idea or solution covered the APP winner?


How can we help you win the next one?

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Hi @NoCodeAndy we used Glide apps to build screens, because it is blazing fast and function than using Figma which can take more time if need to be very detailed. Plus, we could populate content much quicker than on a Figma.

Nearly everyone who has seen the apps i build on Glide give two thumbs up on its simplicity and functionality, so we didn’t have to re-invent the wheel.

We didn’t build a working or linked database because this was more of a ‘show and tell’ Hackathon that did not require a working product.

Whoops, gotta run, BRB.

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Continuing my earlier message, this is the pitch deck which shows the screens of the app:

@gvalero the winner was a company that had similar solution (built with code) with active users as well as paying customers. They were chosen to win because of this, i.e. they had 1 foot in the doorway. The panel of judges consisted of private and government so when judging came, my inside source told me we scored the top for technical and functionality and lost out due to a less exciting deck (no video or music, etc).

@david we won in 2020, got 3rd place. :slight_smile: But you should be happy to know we scored very high for functionality.