Showing "New" comments since last visit

Hello all

Apologies if this has been discussed already, but I couldn’t find any relevant posts.

I have a “maintenance log” of issues. Users can add a comment to each issue.

This works great -

But now we have a few issues, and a few comments on each issue - I’d like to be able to show users unread issues and / or comments since their last log in.

I am a little stumped on how to do this - I can not see a way of adding a “date of last visit” column or an action to update a column on a visit to a particular page.

Any suggestions?


This should be the exact way you do it. On entry to an issue’s details view, you should be able to set the current date/time to a user-specific column to indicate the last visit of that user to the issue.

Then use a query column + rollup to determine how many comments have been made since that last visit.

Oh of course. I was being dumb. I was stuck at adding a time stamp when a user visits a detail page - but I guess I create an action that adds the time stamp - then opens the detail screen. I currently have the “Item click” action to just show “Details screen”. Will change that to an action.

Thanks loads!

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