How to add a user-specific "new-comments" display?


I’m making an app for customer-matters follow up. It’s a basic menu where my team can leave notes about situationsthat need to be followed-up on, with basic infos for the reest of the staff on the problem, and a comment box that track the evolution of the situation.

I would like to add something in the main menu where the different customer-problems are listed, which would notify the logged-in user that there is in this or that item new comment since he last opened it.

Something like a text or button that would appear, or even just an highlight or little notification logo, that would appear when there is new comments that the logged in user has yet to see, so they now which item has evolved in their absence. I’m just not sure how to set it up.

If any one has an idea, would love to here it!

In essence, something akin to what RES does in terms of function:

  • Add a “Last Visit” timestamp to your table where you store “Follow-ups”.

  • In the action that navigates the user to the details screen of each follow-up, set the current date/time to the column above.

  • In the table where you store comments, create a relation back to the follow-up and a lookup to retrieve the last visit timestamp for the user.

  • Create an if-then-else column in the comments table. If last visit timestamp is empty, then true (meaning the user has not see any comments because they have not read that follow-up at all), if last visit timestamp is after the comment’s timestamp then true (meaning that’s a new comment after the last visit). Else return nothing (not true).

  • Back to the Follow-ups table, create a rollup on top of the comments relation, and count the number of “true” instances in the if-then-else column. Display that to

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Thanks for your time. A lot of good ideas, I’ll try to implement that! I assume the “Last Visit” timestamp column should be user-specific?

I’m running into a problem…

In the collection component that lists the follow-ups, there is no way to add a secondary action upon “item click”, so I’m not sure how else to log the timestamp for “last visit”

Your can change the action to a custom action which can first set the date before showing the detail screen. Just change the edit action and select Create New Action. Then you’ll be able to string multiple actions together.

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Indeed, thank you! It works perfectly. I modified your ideas so that three different images are displayed in the main menu based on the state of the follow-up item (never been visited, visited, new-comments since last visit). Works like a charm. Thank you!


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