Show upload progress for multiple file uploads

When uploading a file via file picker component to a multiple file column, it is not very clear whether a file has finished uploading or not.

This is an issue because users are filling out a form and trying to attach files to the form, however, some of the time they are submitting the form before the upload(s) finish, meaning they don’t end up in the database.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when UPLOADING IS IN PROGRESS

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when UPLOADING HAS FINISHED

It’d be great to have a progress bar per file like when uploading a single file.

I would work with an helper table. You “link” this to your item/user via a SingleValue and open a new screen via an action. In advance, you specify the number of files that should be uploaded as a number. As soon as the field is filled, the upload field appears. In the help table you roll up the uploaded files (all fields are user-specific). The moment the previously specified number of files matches the rollup, the button that continues the action appears.


I think optimizing upload display is a good feature request :slight_smile:

Does this suit your use case?

Thanks Chris,

It would work but isn’t ideal as I’d prefer to stick with a form screen.

Feature request it is. Cheers!

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