Show One Column in Tab


Is it possible to show one column in a tab? Or will I have to create another sheet?

Thank you!

What is your exact use case here?

I want to add an information tab to the menu, but I have it on my home page tab right now pulling from a column in a sheet. It’s just an external link as well.

Is it the same link you want everybody to see?

Yes for everyone to see

I suppose you can point that information tab to the same sheet as your home tab and set a button pointing to the column, rgiht?

So that would be clicks? I’m looking for one click from the menu straight to the column data in details style.

How do you want the link to be presented to the user? Is it a button or something?

Oh I meant menu straight to the link…So I would want someone to click the menu item and go straight to the link.

That’s not possible as of now.

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Got it thanks!