Easiest way to put a button that adds a column in my sheet?

I want a button for adding a coilumn in my database and where I can define the name of the new column

That isn’t possible. Can you explain more about your specific use case? Perhaps we can offer an alternative approach.

thanks for your response

im building an app for programing the cattle grazing of a ranch in Argentina. Every row is a planification that takes month to execute and every column its a date column were defines the date of the access or the exit of the cows to a specific lot. And sometimes we make more than one access to the same lot in different dates so I want to have the option to add columns that represents a second access to a lot that we have already been before and whose columns of access and exit are already used

The way you are wanting to do it would be a maintenance nightmare because for each new column, you have to go into the builder, add the new columns, and then add all of the components and actions that would use those new columns, which isn’t very practical.

I think it would be better if you had a Plantification table, and then a separate Access table. The Plantification table would contain a row for each plantification and it’s details. The Access table would contain information for each entry and exit out of the lot. The Access table would contain a column with the plantification ID. Then you can create a relation linking the Plantification table to the Access table using that ID.

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Thanks for your response!

But in the access table I would be in the same position than I am now, didnt I? Anyway, I dont have to add columns often, its like one a year when I develop a new lot on the ranch and for every lot I have to make an entry column and exit column. Do you think that I can simplify with your version? can’t get it well yet, thanks!

No, because you would be adding a row for each access instead of adding new columns. Each access row would have one entry and one exit column. When you have a second access, you would add a new row instead of adding additional columns. If you do it this way, your app is forever scalable, without the need to go into the builder every time you need to allow for a new access. You could have 1 access in a month or 10. No matter how many accesses you have in a month, you still only have one entry and one exit column.


Perfect! I understand now. I ll try it. Thanks

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