Show once column is updated?

Hey folks,

I have a template column which is updated by the user when selecting a certain option i.e changing the language.

Currently I use a button with a wait 30 seconds action to show the updated text. Whats the best way so that I can just click the button and it will run until the new generation is complete rather than the 30 seconds?

Some text obviously takes longer so I end up having to run the action button twice.


How about you use visibility conditions:

  • If generated text is not empty, then display the text component
  • If generated text is empty, then display an image component (with a animated gif for instance) or a text component saying “Being generated…”

Your visibility conditions on these 2 components would be exactly opposite to one another.

There is a ‘Wait Until’ action which will wait until a condition is met.

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And have an upper time limit, you can set a high number to it, say 60 seconds.

However, I’m curious how Emmett “update the language”. If he’s using something like an AI column, it’s tricky to use “if translated text is not empty”, because it was already not empty before the update.

@Emmett_M can you clarify what your button actually does?

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Where can. I find this?

Yep , the visibility settings wont work as needed here as the columns are already generated.

User selects a language , which updated the template column , which then updates the AI generated column in the new language.

Currently the button checks its not empty , then waits 30 seconds to allow the updated language to complete , then copies that to another column which is shown as a component then.

Same place you found the Wait action. Sorry, I called it by the wrong name.

Ah yes , sorry I thought I missed a new feature :smiley:

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I think the current way I have it is the only way for now. Until a “wait until column updated/changed” action is released that monitors changes in a column/row

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I think you might have to change the flow a bit. Use a basic column to hold the generated new language. When the user presses the button, clear that basic column, run an AI action to update that column with the AI result.