Show form screen resets to default after modifications

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When I create a form screen for the frist time an enter the first record of my table, when I come back to enter more information from the form it has been reseted to the default form when I used the “Screen from data” button.

It has happened three times now, once from my business account and twice when teaching my son how to use Glide on his free account.

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Can you record a video of this behaviour? Do you mean your “show form” action reset to its “original” state?

Did you make any other changes on the screen, e.g changes on a collection if you’re using a collection with that form as its “title action”?

I’ll try to record a video. I noticed that when I use the “Screen from data” creator and you go and make modifications to the form it creates, then go back and do a test, then go back to edit the same form it would go back to it’s original state when created automatically, loosing all modifications.

Then I created my screen without using that automatic creator and it works completely fine.

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That does sound like a bug to me. If you’re able to reproduce that in a video, I would submit a ticket.