Show Expired Subscription

Hey, I have a person’s name field with a registration date for a month. How can I know the people whose subscription period has expired and it appears in a field alone…

Create an if-then-else column:

  • If Expiration Date is before Now, then Expired
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Thanks for the answer, but this appears in a column and I want them all in one row

What, the results for all users in a single row?

That seems odd - can you show me a screen shot of how this looks in the Data Editor please?
How are you intending to use the result?

Okay, I just re-read your question and I think I understand now.
Do it in two steps:

  • Start with a similar if-then-else column:
    – If Expiration Date is before Now, then Name
  • Then add a Joined List column that targets the if-then-else column. This will give you a comma separated list of names of all of those with expired subscriptions.

I am working on an application that consists of the customer’s name with the date of subscription and the end of the subscription. All of this worked well. I want to make a button whose name is expired. When clicking on it, every expired person appears.

We’re going around in circles a little bit here, because I’m still not clear on how you want this to look?
Would you want:

  • a) One big blob of names that you would show in some sort of text component on the screen?
    – If yes, use the below:
  • b) A list of users that you could use in a Collection, which would allow you to drill down to the details screen for each user?
    – If yes, then use my first answer:

– And then add a collection, set your Users Table as the source, and use the if-then-else column as a filter.

If neither of the above gets you what you want, then you’ll need to help me understand better.

Thanks again but can you enhance this with pictures please because I am a beginner

Which option - a) or b) ?

a please