Date conditions


Is there a way to show new members when they are added & display them in a section for let’s say for 7 days? I want to create a section that shows the newest members so our community can get to know them.


Are you collecting the date that new members sign up and storing it in their profile?
If not, you’ll need to do that - the easiest way is to do it as part of the onboarding process.
Once you have that, then it’s simply a matter of presenting them as an Inline List, and then filter that by comparing the sign up date to the current date/time.

Yes I am collecting the date, but how do I show it if I only want to show them on a list for a week as new members?

Okay, so there are a few different ways you could do this. Here is one way…

  • Assume you have a column in your Users sheet called “Join Date”
  • Create a new Math column in that sheet, and use the formula NOW-7
  • That will give you the date one week ago
  • You can then use that column as a filter with your Inline List, it will be something like Join Date is on or after Last Week

Oh it worked, thank you!

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Nice job :+1: