Show Details just after Add Row

How to show detils for just created thing?

I assume you’re not using a native form to do this, but a “custom form”.

What you can do is:

  • Add an “Identifier” column in the table where you are putting the component with the action above. On entry to the screen, set a “unique identifier” value to that “Identifier” column.

  • When adding a row to Orders, add that Identifier as a separate column.

  • Create a relation from the original table to the Orders table using that Identifier column.

  • Show the detail screen of the relation after the “add row” action.

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Thank you!

I’ve found and used exactly this method before, but now just thought if is there another more elegant way.

In my case it is not custom form, but automatic creating a new thing just by click on button using context

Brilliant! Just used this

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