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Hi all

I am looking to have a custom Python App that validates whether a key exists.
The idea is that a user enters a field and I validate the content of the field and spit back a confirmation.

For example, if a user enters “Florida” in the field, I check if Florida exists by making an API call with Python.

Would something like this be feasible?

Are you checking in some external database, or in a data source that’s connected to your App?
If it’s a connected data source, then there are ways to do this without resorting to external scripts/Apps.

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I need to check from external databases, for example, get an image on twitter, get weather from x api etc.

Sorry, I’m not following. I understood from your initial question that you wanted to do some form of duplicate checking, so I’m not grasping the link between that and weather/twitter API’s?

Sorry for confusing you – I want to get some link grasping but also to work with API’s too, trying some tutorials and documentation but I think I am looking at the wrong parts.

Okay, well I’m no less confused, and I have no idea what “link grasping” is :man_shrugging: (Google doesn’t seem to know, either).

Would be happy to help with whatever it is you’re trying to do, but at the moment I have no idea what that is.

For example:

User enters text in a field, I want to query what user entered and give him back a response.

Assume the user enters “Arizona”, my query would be a CURL or API call to a weather platform to get results for what user typed and spawn a result beneath it.

Alternatively, assuming I want to ask the user to enter his API key, I want to validate the key and give a confirmation, example, I ask user to enter his OpenAI key, then I want to validate the key and give a positive / negative reply to the user based on the validify of the query.

Okay, so for this you could use the Fetch JSON plugin. If you need to make an authenticated API call you could use the JavaScript column, although I would be wary of that as it’s not secure.

How would you validate a users API key?

The thread is still pretty confusing to me. Are we talking about different entry components in Stoic’s app and Stoic wants different “actions/validations” at different points in the user journey?

Our app intends to have various tables that call various external API calls.

One of them is Twitter, another is weather (check weather based on name of an entered city for example).

The goal is when the user types something in the form, to check what the user typed.

For example, a user enteres in the field @elonmusk, we want to check if that username exists on Twitter so we will have to API twitter.

Then what will you do with the info afterwards? Say elonmusk exists, then we just tell them that the user exists on Twitter?

yes thats correct, its a validation essentially of what the user entered, so we can just give a confirmation below the row that “user exists” or “user does not exist”.

In short, a Validation form that when users enter an entry it calls the API to validate such entry.

Then, assume the API exists for your use case, I think you can use an “URL Fetch” column to get data back. The URL would be the API’s “prefix”, with the query term from your user.

Based on what you get back from the fetch, process it either with JQ or JavaScript and get the desired output.

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