Sharing a Topic for Invitees to See in Their Topics Tab

It thought I was out of woods with ROW OWNER when allowing users to see the Topics they created. But how can the Topic be seen if the user invites another user to begin a Comment thread? In other words, I create a Topic. I see it in my inline list of Topics. But when I invite or share my Topic with you, I want that Topic to show up in your Topics list.

Head scratching.Screenshot_2021-04-25

Is there a reason the list of topics themselves need to be protected with Row Owners? You could create a new sheet that lists all the topic titles (without row owners) and use that sheet to display the titles to other users, as needed.

I just found Row Owners was the quickest way to allocate those topics to their owner. And was hoping there was a quick workaround to give permission to recipients.

Topics are already coming into the Send Message sheet. I guess I could create a Relation column in a new sheet for Topics…

You can’t currently assign a computed to column as an additional Row Owner column. If you could, you could probably build a way to assign the additional columns as row owners so that they can access the topics lists when they’re added to a protected row. Unfortunately that’s not currently possible.

If it’s just the topic title you’re looking for and you don’t want to “unprotect” the rest of the other user’s information, then a separate sheet with only “unprotected” info is probably the best way to go.

How is that sheet set up column wise? Relation Topic, Relation User Email, Relation Recipient Email?

Text column of topic titles. Relation from the chats sheet to this new one. Lookup the topic title in the topics sheet so that it can be displayed on the chats sheet.

Here’s how it looks so far.


If you populate that sheet with your topics, then use that sheet as the basis for your inline list, you should be able to build out that sheet to perform the necessary relations and lookups so that all users can see the topic titles.

ha We’ll see what happens. I feel like something is missing. Like RowID

More to come.

You can have multiple columns as Row Owners. So you could “reserve” a 2nd column for the invited user, and make that column a row owner.

However, if you need to allow for multiple owners, then this obviously wouldn’t scale.