Shared "favorite" selections

Hello everyone,

Having fun working with Glide, have had a few gotcha moments recently that have helped me understand how it all comes together.

What I am trying to achieve currently is a shared ‘place’ within the app where 2 users could add selections. My end use case is something like this… Each user has a version of the app installed on their phone. If user 1 ‘adds’ an item to the shared list, user 2 is able to see that selection from their app.

Is this achievable?


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So each user creates private items and can decide whether some of these items appear in a shared view?

Ideally yes, but for now it could be a predefined pool of items that the user can decide to add to a shared view. Imagine you and I both individually have access a list of 10 selected items. We can then choose which items from that list should appear in a second shared view.

You could simply have two email columns (‘Email 1’, ‘Email 2’). Fill them however you need to for a shared view. Then use the Glide created array ‘Email’ column for your filtering.

@Jeff_Hager Not sure that’s inline with what I am trying to achieve. This hopefully helps…

I want both users to be able to access the list items and view a common area where selections from both users are captured.

If you don’t need the shared view to identify who added the item to the shared view, just use a switch and on the shared view screen filter to only show items where switch = true - copy this

If you do need to identify who added the item, copy this

Interesting, thank you for creating those. I will have a proper dig through those tonight but at first glance the first simple version looks like it might work for now. Hopefully I can reverse engineer your solution to understand the underlying logic.