Share image as instagram story

This is a nice-to-have feature request.

I have a use case where I’m letting my users write a mini journal and attach an image, and it’d be nice if they could have the option to share the image (or the combination of text and image) to Instagram, as an Instagram story (similar to how you can share a spotify song to instagram, as a story).

Thought i’d share

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Instagram doesn’t allow that - instagram doesn’t allow importing images from third-party sources like twitter does.

That would have to be an Instagram feature request. If it was possible to add an extension to the URL, (for example, you could be able to do it with a template column and split text column.

Hope this clears up your idea

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Possible using the instagram API (example: sharing from Spotify or Netflix to Instagram stories)

my use case:
Adding a tik tok like sharing mechanism to my app:

  1. user uploads an image on my glide app
  2. google sheet triggers an AWS microservice that combines the image and some text + watermark and writes it back to another column in the sheet
  3. user can share the watermarked image on whatsapp or instagram

generally i think more sharing options on Glide can be a powerful addition