Share App

Hi. The Share App option is greyed out and I have no idea why or how to make it available. This prevent me from sharing.

Have you already publish your app? This is the first step before being able to share it.

I can’t publish either. The icon is greyed out.

Per chance do you have over the 500 limit of rows and have not upgraded to Pro. I’m just guessing since I don’t know the behavior when that happens. I would expect that Glide would display a message to at affect but who knows. I have never had an issue where I could not publish or share an app so unless something broke or changed since the last time I created, published and shared and app (a few days ago) there has got to be something unique about your situation.

Nope, I am not over the 500 rows limit.

I get the same issues if I duplicate a shared app, create a new app or copy to my app a template.

I have created a copy of the CRM template and set the most permissive permission on the sheet in drive to see if that was the issue, to no avail.

I agree it must be something specific to my situation, the difficulty is to find what exactly.




I also have same issue.
Share app tab does not work.

It happens when I use my windows 10 laptop and Chrome.
However, it does not happen in iPad and Chrome with same glide project.
I assume it is not caused by spread sheet or limitation of free version but environment…


The left menu can move up and down. So the share app option does not become available. With your mouse, you can scroll the left pane that has the menu options.