Set Columns working only in glide's editor

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When I create a password to my login screen, the action set the value in a text entry (user-specific) to the user’s “Password” column (sheet column) based on a relation.

I created a compound action to see all the possibilities and create when the user doesn’t have a password.

But, when I try it in my phone, the value doen’t go to the sheet column… only when I do this process by glide editor.

Support link:

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That’s a problem! @mark, can you see if that’s normal please?

Hopefully it will be fixed alongside the Add Row.

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Yes! I need that

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This will be fixed tomorrow.


Thank you @Mark

I have the same problem. Set Columns through Relation doesn’t work from mobile right AFTER the app opened. However, if I try to do all the process again, it all works. Tested on different screens, using different sheets and values (I have quite a bit complex logic in my app).

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I’ve seen this. I have a sequence that does a Set Columns through a Single Relation, followed by a Navigate to Tab. The first time I try it the Set Columns fails, but all subsequent attempts (from the same user) will succeed. @Santiago_Perez1 sound familiar?

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Oh yeah!!! What a frogging nightmare.

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