Set column not working in live mode

SET COLUMN function is working in Glide Editor but as soon as I try in live mode it’s not working.

Seems like the same bug as add row.

I think add row was fixed, I wonder if this was…

Both appear to be working fine now.

It doesn’t work here for me in the editor as of now. Anybody experiencing the same thing?

I just tested again in both editor and app and still working fine for me.
I’m using a custom action that does a series of Add Row/Set Column actions.

Thanks Darren. Same here for me, a combination of add row/set column. I have checked all the logic but not sure where’s the error. I will check again later.

Re-checked still not working. I mean it’s working well but as soon as I close the app the data disappear.

I have found the error after clicking on the button if I wait for more than 2 sec then it’s working and if not then it’s not working. Maybe I think it is because I’m using the free version now. @Darren_Murphy

You are closing the app immediately after clicking a button to set columns? The problem may be that you aren’t giving it enough time to sync the change back to the glide servers.

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2 secs is also very fast though.

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