Set array column action using a position index

Hi,I have an array column, made using Google Sheets (5 columns with the same name+number) and I also have a simple number column which tells in which of these position of the array I have to operate.
What I’d like to do is automatically populate the column that the index column says when I press a button. The problem is that the set column action sees the array as 5 separeted columns and I have no idea on how to indicate which one I want to fill.
I hope you can help me. Thanks!

Create a custom action with an IF statement that looks at you simple number column and fills the appropriate individual array column. You should end up with 5 separate IF branches, each with a set column action for the respective column you want to set.


Thank you, what I hadn’t noticed was that by clicking on “else” I could have turned it into another condition!

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