Add a value in a "array column"


How can i add a value in array column with an action?

thanks for your help

Use the Make Array column with a Set Column Values action.
Your Make Array column would have two values: the original array and the value you want to add.
And the action will take the value from the Make Array column and write it back to the original column.


It’s not really that, I explain.

I have a button with action column set value, when i push it I set the current date value in a array.
I want than the next time I push it, the new current date value be add in the same array with the previous current date value.

You want to replace the previous value with the new one, or add the new value to the array?

Either way, you can use the same method.

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add the new value at the other values in the array

I can’t push the value directly in the array?

The problem for me it’s “join different value from multiple column”.

My case is for each intervention i must add the current date value, it’s want to say to create one or two column by week, and it’s not possible for me to add the new columns manually at the make array column

Can you show me a screen shot of what the data looks like in the Glide Data Editor?
Perhaps I’m not understanding correctly.

I want that when I change the value in column date d’execution, to keep the last value in the array and to add the new value to the array.

Sorry my English is bad and my vocabulary poor …

Okay, you can do as I suggested.

  • Create a Make Array column that has two values. The first value is the existing array, and the second value is the current date time.
  • In your Action use Set Column Values to write the value of the Make Array column into your array column.

I haven’t the possibility to write directly in the array column .
I don’t see the field when I want to set up my action

What “array column” are we talking about here from your screenshot?

oh… is your original array column a computed column?
I didn’t realise that. If it’s a computed column, then no you won’t be able to write to it.
Can you please show/explain how that column is created in the first place?

I create a column"make array column" and I want write the value directly inside with an action.
I think to it’s not possible .

Thanks for your time

It’s a computed column, so it’s not possible. I think you should have a setup like this:

  • A centralized comma-delimited list
  • A user-specific column for input purposes
  • A template column to join the existing comma-delimited list with the new input

The action will set the template column value to the centralized comma-delimited list.

Your array would be a split text column on the list.

For a cleaner list, maybe you can use a split text column on the list, then join them together again to clear off any “empty” elements.

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