I want to add multiple values to an existing value in a field

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I have a button that increments a value in a fields when it is pressed.
I want to capture the date when this button is clicked. And this button will be clicked everyweek.

So is there a way I can save the dates whenever the button is clicked in a single field ( of that item )

I think i might need to create array/set but not sure

Change the action to a custom action that has both an Increment action and a Set Column action.

@Jeff_Hager yes I tried that but the set a column action replaces the previous value but I want to keep both the values

Are you saying that you want to save multiple dates in the same cell? How do you want that to look?


arrays, comma separated, json any format will work for me

I suggest checking this out. It would still be a custom action, but you need some additional logic in the tables to handle adding multiple dates to the same column.


thanks @Jeff_Hager would definitely check that out

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