Insert multiple value

I have component, let say entry number. How can I insert multiple value from one component to one column everytime I input the number? or I use action on the button?

Can you explain what you mean by multiple values in this case?
Do you want to create an array?
A joined list?
Something else?
Let’s say I am the user, and I enter the number 7.
What should be saved in the column?

if the user entered 7, it saved 7 in the column. But when the user enter again 8, the value saved in the column will change to 8. I want to when the user enter the number, it will plus the number entered before

I see. So every time the user enters a number you want it added to the current value to produce a new result.

So start by entering 7, result is 7.
Then enter 8, new result is 15.
Enter 8 again, new result is 23.


Absolutely yes

Okay, sure.

You will need 3 columns in your table:

  • A number column, to hold the result
  • Another number column, to hold the entered value. This one should be user specific.
  • A math column, to add the two number columns together.

On your screen, add your number input component and target it at the user specific number column.
Then add a button for submitting the value, and configure a custom action with two steps:

  • The first step should be a Set Column Values action. It should take the result of the math column and write it to the first number column.
  • The second step will also be a Set Column Values action, but this one should clear the value in the user specific column, so it is ready for the next input.

Thanks for your help

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