Separate Data Sources for Staging & Production Environments


We are looking to create an internal HR system where our employees and contractors can look up their work records including salaries and bonuses (sensitive and private info)

We intend on dedicating an internal staff member to build this web app. However, we are concerned that the internal app builder will be able to look at the production data (e.g. real salaries) of everyone in the company.

Does Glide provide the ability to create staging and production environments with separate datasets (so that the staging environment would have dummy - not real data). Allowing us to push updates from the staging environment to the production environment without compromising the sensitive information.

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No, we do have publishing control but that is only for the design, not the data.

What I would do is having the staff member build the app first with the dummy data, then once everything is done, move that app or a copy of it to a team where you don’t have the app builder.

Or, maybe you can hire an expert to do it, and have them sign a NDA.

If i do this, does this mean i have to use 2 different glide account ?

1 account for dummy & 1 account for production

If you want it to be 2 different teams, you can just create 2 teams in 1 account, not 2 accounts.

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