SEO assistance

I offered to help Glide with their SEO stuff, just to see them be more successful, and know they would appreciate your input as well.

Generally the first thing I do is to create a baseword structure that can be used for multiple permutations and combinations. For example,

(spreadsheet, Google spreadsheet, Google sheet, GSheet, etc.) along with (app, application, iOS app, Android app, etc.) and then (creator, builder, developer, development, designer, etc) can create 64 applicable 3-5 word keyword phrases such as “spreadsheet app builder” “google sheet android app creator”.

If everyone brainstorms this for a day we can give them a working base which they can use in their YouTube descriptions, content and meta tags.

So please, try to come up with ten 3-4 word phrases that you would use to describe what Glide is. Just don’t use filler words like “best, greatest, easy”. Try to stick to function.

zerocode, nocode

Every bit helps. Now I can add a new group to the front. (zero code, no code, codeless, code free, code friendly, program free, programmer free, )