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Quick background before I begin. I have used Glide before and made a few apps, but it was at least three years ago, when Glide was still brand new to most people, and as I come back to it today, a lot has changed in the years that have passed! :slight_smile:

Anyway, the app I am hoping to build looks simple in my head, but I can’t visualize how to structure the data and I can’t find a template that would help me get started. There might be one, (I haven’t tried them all), but if it exists I haven’t found it.

What I need is basically a glossary or dictionary type app. I want a tab that has a scrollable list of each letter of the alphabet, A-Z. If you tap on an individual letter, it takes you to a second screen with a list of terms/acronyms that start with that letter. If you tap on one of those terms, it takes you to a third screen with details about that term.

I guess in an ideal world a template would be a great way to get me started and I can play with it from there, but in lieu of that, what would be an efficient way to organize the data for something like this how would I link the data sets to each letter/description.


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This should be pretty simple.

All you should need is a Letters table that contains a row for each letter in a letter column. Then you will also need a second table that contains your glossary. That Glossary table would contain a column with the first letter of the word, a second column with the full word, and a third column with a detailed description of that word.

Your tab will point to to Letters table.
In the Letters table, create a multiple relation that links the letter to the letter in the Glossary table.

Your tab just needs an inline list that points to that Letters table. When you click on the letters, you will get a detail screen for that letter. There you add an inline list that points to the relation column. That will give you a list of terms that match the letter you selected. When you click on a term, it will take you to the details screen of that term in the Glossary table. There will be your term description.


Before looking for a template l think the @Jeff_Hager method is a very good way to make your app.
I am pretty new to Glide and l can tell you that l learned a lot in few days.
Just dive into your project, ask the community whenever you need and you will easily make it.
It is better than using a template because if you do yours you will have a total control of your app even for adding new features.


With all the new fancy plugins we have, that first column could be a computed column. Truncate Text would do the job :slight_smile:


Perfect! The relations piece was what I was missing before. Thanks so much for your help.

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Last question for now. How do I sort the data in my table so that it is in alphabetical order? If I can’t do it in the table, how can I sort it in the app? I have acronyms like CART, CSIP, CASIT, etc and would like to have them in ABC order so the user could find them quicker.

I don’t see an option for that right now, but I know I am probably missing that somewhere. I tried the Inline List sort options A-Z and Z-A but it only switches from CART, CSIP, CASIT to CASIT, CSIP, CART when I sort by name. For some reason CSIP always stays between CART and CASIT.

…wait. Fixed it. I was sorting by the wrong column, so that works now too :innocent:


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