Sending form as direct message to another app user

When going to a user profile, I have a button set up to open a form.

When User A submits this form, I would like for the details to be sent in a private message to User B, where User B would also be able to open the form and edit the form details.

I see there are email and SMS sending options, but do not see anything related to messaging.

What am I missing here?


So you want some kind of an in-app messaging function? How do you determine which “User B” would be able to edit the form submission of “User A”? What is the connection between them?

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Yes, in-app messaging function.

If there is a separate sheet that includes both of the users, and their profile information, so that only they can see those messages, can there not also be extra columns within this sheet which can be applied to a form, that they can both see?

Is there always just one user that can pair with the other? Say user A can only be paired with user B and vice versa, or a user can pair with an unlimited amount of users?