Sending feedback

Hi glideiani I have created the possibility to write a feedback and to choose a status but this feedback and this status can be changed as I am going to change the text of the column. How can I make them be sent and the administrator in his panel sees all the feedbacks? And whoever sent it cannot thus modify everything.

First of all, in the table where you add a row for each feedback sent, define two owner row columns: one to store the email of the user who sent it, the other to store the administrator role.
So the collection that appears on the page displays only the feedback sent by the user, and to you as an administrator it will display all the feedback from all users (from a security point of view, the normal user will download to his device only the rows that belong to him, while you who are the administrator will download them all).
Then, allow editing possibilities only if the user is administrator, for example you can do it with a button in the detail screen of the feedback where you define an action and at the top of the action put an if condition based on the user’s role; so if the user is not an administrator then the button will be off.
In addition, you can also make the edit button disappear entirely from the page layout by setting a role-based visibility condition.
You could consider placing the edit button also directly in the collection item action rather than in the detail screen of that item, it depends on the amount of information you want to return to the user; if it is just the change of status it can be fine.

@Roldy grazie per l’aiuto sono riuscito a creare l’invio dei dati ma non vanno ad aggiornarsi nella stessa riga ma ne crea una nuova quando invio il feedback quindi non riesco a collegarlo alla richiesta.
Ci può essere un modo per inviare e aggiornare la riga seno mi studio un altro modo che potrebbe essere una tabella solo dei feedback dove faccio scrivere all’utente nome e cognome di chi ha fatto la richiesta.

You probably added an Add Row action On Submit of the form. Forms already create a row on their own. If you add an Add Row action On Submit, then it creates another row. Remove the Add Row action, and instead add componentst to the form, such as User Profile components, Column components, or Special Value components.

thanks, I’m using glide page, but the new line automatically creates it with the form container. While I would like, once the form has been sent, to enter the data in the columns of an already existing row

Sounds like you should use an edit screen instead of a form if you want to modify an existing row.

@ThinhDinh yes I tried but once modified it remains modifiable even at a later time while I would like that afterwards you can no longer modify the choice or the one written

At which point do you want the row not to be editable again? Sounds like you can just branch your logic in a custom action. If it should not be edited again then you show a notification telling the user that this entry can not be edited, else you show the edit screen.

@ThinhDinh understood maybe I could put an action that when the field is full is no longer visible … today I try