Send Gmail - how to add account?

Hi, trying to set up the Send Gmail action but the action box is red. I assume it’s red because there is no account to connect the action to? But how do I add my account?

If I want to add Outlook I get this, where I’m prompted to add an account:

But it’s straight to the action box for Gmail, no option to add an account


Update - found an option to reconnect the account in the settings menu. But when I try to add the account I get an endless loading screen


Did you fill out all fields… I see red ones…

I just tried that and it seems to work fine. Try signing out of your Gmail account and back in before trying it again.

Yeah tried that, the issue is connecting the account

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Took two attempts but it’s now working. Thank you

I’m glad you solved the problem…

I thought this might be a way to send email on a free plan but just noticed that it’s pro level only. Was a bit confused because Glide’s announcement about the new actions said that they worked on all plans

:wink: You can make your own Email integration

Can I? Thank you for believing in me but I can assure you that I can’t :rofl:

Yes, you can! I taught many no-code users how to do it… now… their are my best customers

Cheers for the offer I’ll think about it

Ok… I think you are underestimating yourself :wink:

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