Send email to Signed in User

I would like a button that would send an email to the signed in user.

I have a mileage tracking app where the user can get an up to date spreadsheet sent to them.

Right now, they click on the button and the SHARE options come up. They will then need to type in their own address and send.

I would like it to be a ONE-click deal - “Click here for report” and the spreadsheet is send to the email they are signed in as.

I’m not sure how you are sharing the spreadsheet. I assume a url? You can either create a mailto url and build out the url with email, subject, and the body containing the url. This would require you to be viewing a record in your app that contains the email and spreadsheet url. Another thought is to create a Zapier action to send the email.

I am sharing using a combination of the google sheet URL plus the gid# associated with the sheet and a little bit of code at the end that exports it into an XLS file.

Here is a link to mine I get sent to me.

Is there a way to turn this into an email sent to the person who is signed in to their own email?

Make sense?

Yep, just create a mailto url and build it out using the email, url and whatever other info to want in the email. Clicking the button will open your email app and prefill all of the info. Otherwise a zap action would be a quicker option and would probably automatically send the email.