Send email to all users with role admin

I have multiple roles in my glide app. How could I send an email through glide to all admins. I already set it up to send a confirmation email to the user who submit the form but now I would like to notify admins that a form has been submitted. How could I go about this?

The Send Email action to admins will have to be user-triggered, by you or another user.

In the Layout Editor

  • Create the user experience by setting up the tab and components (on the left).
  • Add an actions-friendly component for the Send Email action: button, title or one of the text components.
  • No need to configure the components just yet (on the right).

In the Data Editor

  • Query column. Do a query on the table that contains the emails (probably the users table) and filter by “Role is Admin” to get query pointers to your admins.
  • Lookup column. Use a lookup column to turn those pointers into an array of emails.
  • Joined list column of needed. I believe the send email action and the To field accept arrays. If it doesn’t and only accepts comma-separated values, then transform your array into a csv with a joined list column.

In the Action Editor

  • Set up a Send Email action: either the one native to Glide, or the Gmail or Outlook ones of you set up those integrations.
  • Bind the To field to the array of emails (or if that doesn’t work after testing to the CSV of emails)

In the Layout Editor

  • Finish the configuration of the components and bind fields to columns.

Thank you this was helpful!

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