Semi simple math calculations with drop-down choices

Even though I’m feeling pleased about getting something to work, I suspect I’m doing it entirely wrong.

I’ve built a simple calculator but instead of figuring out how to pull data from sheets I did it using if/then/else. Clearly, placing sheet variables in by hand is just stupid, but I got all confused by the combination of Choice, Form, Math, Relations and If/then components.

What I have is a cost estimator for the square footage of applying various materials at various prices using various methods. People only need to input the sq ft and select the material / application method and it should spit out the amount required and total cost based on set per gallon costs. I don’t currently wish to save any of the calculations to a sheet.

It should be so simple, compared to what I’ve seen, that I’m embarrassed to even ask. How many sheets should I consider using in addition to the supplementary columns in Data?

I can see where you are stuck. This would probably require per user data and a record for each user as the values would ultimately be saved to the sheet. I’m starting to think that it would be beneficial to have the ability to add/ edit values that would not be updated back to the spreadsheet. This would be great for your situation of a one-off calculator.

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@Jeff_Hager It would be great with “session based” calculations. Actually, I would like the G-sheet to do calculations but without saving the data in the sheet when the session has ended. I would like to have some really neat charts shown as well based on the data - just inputted in the session.

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That’s the thing. Since it’s reliant more upon the Data sheet, it’s currently only saving/overwriting the top row “area” input entry on the supporting Google sheet, which is great since I don’t want to save hundreds of such calculations.

Much the same for the Data Sheet.

I’d just like it to become more complex with another choice component or two.

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Maybe I somehow created what you are looking for, minus the charts of course?