Selling your app 'White Label


I have a question relating to selling your app. I created an app with recipes that are pre tracked with calories and protein etc to use with my personal training clients.

A few other coaches have seen it and have asked if i would consider selling it.

The question i have is would be possible to sell this as a ‘white label product’ where coaches can add their own logo and branding to ‘their’ app.

I would like to know two things

  1. Is this even possible?

  2. Suggestions on the best way to run this?


You can let them copy the app back after payment, but any changes made on the parent app won’t be copied over to the purchased apps.

Could I host it on my glide account (paid version) and then update them that way

Licenses are per-app, so you can theoretically duplicate the app and upgrade them after charging your customer.

Thanks for your help. I will look into it a bit more. Appreciate your time

Hi @Joe_McNee . Another idea would be to submit your app as a template to the Glide templates store and sell your template.

Here too though, as with copying an app after payment as @ThinhDinh suggested, once a user purchases a template the app belongs to them, so this might not be the white label model you are looking for.

See here Glide templates and price points to give you an idea.

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Appreciate your response

I will put it to the coaches and see what they want to do.

From what I can gather the coaches are looking for a hands off value add to their service

Just curious, what did you end up doing? Thanks

I ended up making a copy of the app and once paid I then published it and sent them the download link.

A bit cumbersome bit I have hired a VA to deal with it


Interesting. That VA would you recommend? in a similar situation but without VA, thanks