Sell giftcards for various shops

I wonder whether this could be solved?

I have created an app where I want the users to be able to buy giftcards - with different predefined values. The payments should go directly to the shop owner. This is done because it is a person running the app (me) and not a company which means that I cannot accept the payment.

I actually prefer not to store any personal data in the app due to GDPR.

Any ideas how to solve this - including doing some/most of the process outside glide. (could be a link from glide to “somewhere” where the giftcard buying can take place)

Thanks for any input :slight_smile:

Probably your best bet. I heard gumroad is fairly intuitive?

Square I think does gift cards

Thx for input.
I will no go with gumroad as they got some quite terrible reviews

Thx anyway :slight_smile:

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Were you able to solve this? I’m looking to do something similar inside my app - in my case I’d like to have employees redeem points and be able to use them for gift cards…

@Robert_Petitto any advice? :smiley:

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@Deena made a solution which seems quite far from what you want I believe.

The person pays money directly to the company and then picks up the gift card in the shop. Payment is through the Danish MobilePay solution.

You’re welcome to have a look
Go to Corona tab. Select “Gavekort”

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Ah, okay yes, that’s different. I will see if Robert has anything like this set up as he does of lot of gamification, points etc. I will take a look though at your app to see if I can imagine adapting it for my use case. Thanks for sharing!

How do you plan on sending them giftcards? Electronically?


The flow would be this…

Employees earn points with certain actions in the app, and can also receive points from others to recognize them for good work etc. Then they would click a button called “Redeem Points” to see a page where various gift cards are listed. They would need to be able to get the gift card using their points, not paying. I guess my app would pay for the inventory of cards and charge it back to the company of the employee redeeming the card. And yes, only ecards. I haven’t started to build any of this yet so would be great to know if it’s possible.

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