Selecting multiple people assigned to the same task

Currently with our Task Management App, you can create a task and then assign it to a user, but once that user completes that task no one else can also complete the same task. Trying to see how we might be able to create a task and then assign that same task to all the users we choose or even as a default to assign it to all the users. It would need to be user specific though, so that then when the task is assigned to all users, you could have user 1 complete it, but then user 2 would still have that task assigned until they completed it as well. I hope this makes sense, but looking for any direction on how to modify our task app to allow this to function this way so all users could be assigned to the same task if needed. Thank you

You would need to use user specific columns to allow more than one user to check off items in a to-do.

Thank you, but I’m not sure what that means exactly. When I try to edit the column to check off “user specific” it does not allow me to check that option. Is there something that Im missing to allow that option to be selected?

You can only make a column user specific when it is first created. You cannot convert existing columns.

Learn more about User Specific Columns here.

Ok thanks, I see that now. Is there a way to take an existing column that has data, in this case the column is listing a task and another column assigning that task to a user, that could change it so that each time a task is assigned that its assigned to all users and each user would have to check off that task once they completed it?

The way you’ve worded that it’s quite confusing, but anyway…
It really sounds like you need to have user specific columns. If I understand correctly, what you are looking for is some sort of work around so you can avoid the refactoring involved to implement them.
My advice would be don’t. Just bite the bullet now and make whatever changes are necessary. It will pay dividends for you in future.