Assigning Multiple Users to Jobs

I’m making an app to assist with inspections. We have a list of users, and a list of pending jobs.

  • The Manager (denoted by checkbox on their user profile) Must be able to choose which of the available users are going to work a specific job. (Ideally checkbox or switch.)
  • Users will see a list of upcoming jobs that they are assigned to in the jobs tab.
  • Users must only be able to see their assigned jobs.

I can most likely set up notifications, accept/deny, and other things once this first part is figured out. I’m not afraid to get a little messy in the sheet to accomplish this, however the catch is that I need the user list available to pick from, for the manager, must include any new user additions made in the user sheet. I would very much not like to have to log in every time a new inspector is hired, and have to add their own column to the job sheet manually.

The current solution I’m using does just that. It’s a mix of Boolean, if/than, split, template, and split text fields to accomplish this. It works for the assigning of jobs, but is NOT user friendly when hiring new people.

This monumental task could all be alleviated if Glide could implement some sort of Multi-user checkbox field that could assign more than one user to one item in another table and to be able to make that column an owner column.

You mean like this? :wink:


Yo……… You just made my day! Thank you!

Hola alguien me puede ayudar??
Cree una planilla con usuarios pero cuando instalo la aplicación, pide un código del correo, al ingresar el correo se cambia por otro y no puedo ver los datos de la aplicación, alguien sabe por que sucede eso??

@Fabiola_Venegas If you have an app set up as ‘Public with Email’, then you are requiring users to sign into the app and that will ask for a temporary bpon that is sent to their email.

If you are using a free app or you have pro and you didn’t set it to store real email addresses, then it will store an anonymous email.

And please start a new topic if it’s not related to the topic you are posting in.