Selecting in-app filter by answering questions

Hello. I would like to create an app in which the user of the app does not have to select the choices himself, but is guided by questions through the possible filter criteria.


I have an app with recipes.
Instead of the user having to select the criteria of the recipe (like for example the preparation time, the degree of difficulty, certain requirements etc. ) himself in the in-app filters, the user is guided through the criteria by questions with predefined selection options.
For example, the user is asked “how quickly should the recipe be prepared?” and the possible answers are “10-20 min”, “20-40 min”, “40-60 min” and “over 60 min”. The same for the next criterion: "how difficult should the recipe be? " and then as answer options “easy”, “medium”, “difficult”. As the last question, for example, “what requirements should the recipe meet?” and as answer options “lactose-free”, “vegetarian”, “vegan”, “gluten-free”.

After the app user has answered all the questions, only the recipes that meet the selected requirements are displayed, for example, only recipes that take between 20-40 min, are at the medium difficulty level, and are vegan + gluten-free.

Is something like this possible with the glide app and if so, how exactly can I create something like this in the app?

Thanks for help!

You may want to display lists based on visibility conditions. For that all your recipes must have specific details on your sheet.

You may want to read following links :

Hope this helps !

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