Product Selector App

Greetings, I am new to Glide and seeking to create a product selector app whereby a user will answer a series of questions and the app will make a product recommendation based on the answers and provide a link to our website. I would like to leverage an existing template if there is something similar available. I searched the template portal and didn’t find anything similar to my application. Any help would be much appreciated!

Can we know more about the logic you want from the answers to the product recommendation?

Thanks for the reply. The intent of the app is to make a product recommendation based on how the user answers a series of questions. The questions are static items from a list - both text and numeric answers. Some examples include age and weight which will be in ranges, such as 0-20. I assume there will need to be some if-then-else logic to decode the combination of responses to make a product recommendation. It’s basically a quiz format with the “score” being a product recommendation. Thanks again

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@Will_Billings - something like this?

In this app, I output the salary range based on a number of factors:

  • Education
  • Role
  • Department
  • Age (min and max)
  • Experience (min and max)

A secondary output is also a list of people who fulfill that criteria.

In your case, the people could be products, and other factors could be the data points in your data you use to filter the result.

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Thanks so much for the reply and this looks like it could work well for my application. Thank you!