How to ask several questions and then provide recommended answers?

Hello - trying to figure out within an app I’m creating to ask several questions of the users and based on the answers they provide to each question (they are yes or no questions) to respond with recommendations such as: call a telephone number, email someone, etc.? I’ve tried using the forms button and I can create questions and have the users enter answers but not sure how to provide recommendations after that.

Thoughts are very welcome! Thank you -

Do you already have the logistics worked out as to what recommendation(s) is/are given based on the responses? I imagine a lot of if-thens that eventually feed a template column and then another if then of the template column to deliver the recommendation.

Thanks Robert - I know what responses I want to provide based on the answer they provide to the original question, but not sure how to make this work within Glide. I’ve tried a number of approaches but most recently I’ve created a form button and within the form I’ve created several text entry components in which I list the question in the title. From there a text answer can be entered by the user. However instead of having a text answer I’d prefer to display a Yes / No option and once that choice is made, automatically display a response to the user providing them with the predetermined response, e.g., call this number. I’ve tried using the inline lists button but no luck there. I’ve also tried the if then else feature within the Data section but not sure how to establish creating the auto response I need.

Many thanks - Chuck

Have you tried the choice component for your yes/no selection? Based on the response, you could set Visibility on other components to hide or show. Also, is there a reason for using the form button to ask these questions? Are you submitting the form responses, or just using it as a temporary screen? You could also do this on a detail view screen, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to using a form button.

Thanks Jeff - no joy with the choice component but not sure what you mean by setting visibility on the other components. I’m using the form button so I can list the questions on the screen and want to be able to have them select yes / no and based on the answer display a response on the screen such as “call this number”.


You can set visibility of components based on other components values.

There form button is usually used to submit data to a sheet, not for just displaying info, but I’m not opposed to your use of it. You can do the same thing without the form button, but there are different logistics involved, because component values are immediately written to a sheet and if you are not using per user records, then everybody will be able to see and change the same answers. No use dwelling on that if you can get what you want with the form button.

Right - I don’t think I have a preference for how it is done, I’m just trying to find an approach within Glide that actually works so I can present several questions, display a yes / no choice for each question and based on their answer display a response. For example: Question 1: Is your Internet speed slow? The user would then see options to select yes or no. If the answer is yes then display a response: Please call your local ISP. If the answer is no then display a response: Continue using your computer.

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Thanks everyone I think I got this working. I ended up using an inline list for each question and within the Data section created a new column with if then else conditions to display the response for the user.