Select Specific Model for OpenAI API

Hi Gliders,

I was wondering if there’s a way to select a specific model when using the API from OpenAI?

I am using the “Ask a question about a table” but it seems like the context window is not large enough.


No, you will need to call the API directly with Call API to customize the model.


Thanks for the quick response @david

By using the Call API, is it possible to conduct the same “ask a question about a table” function as with the regular OpenAI call?

I don’t think so. “Ask a question about a table” is a different process where they utilize an internal flow to take the most related row(s) from said table to try to answer your question. Call API won’t have that built in option.

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Thanks for your input @ThinhDinh.

That’s really sad to hear, but im wondering if it was possible to send a whole table (from glideapp) as .csv via API to ChatGPT and then return some rows from the API.

What do you think?

That is indeed possible, but you have to take into account the tokens limit.

Glad to hear @ThinhDinh.

Regarding the token limit, this is a huge problem indeed (that im supposedly already facing right now) but with the API I could at least select a model with bigger context window.

Do you know by any chance which model is used in the “Answer a question about a table”?

I don’t know which model they use, but I think they approach it by storing your rows as vectors in an internal database, then querying out top-x most related rows when you ask a question, and feed that context plus your question to OpenAI to get an answer.

If your context window is big, you might want to try Claude’s API (waitlist for API access, though).

Got it. :+1:

The 16 or 32k would definitely be fine in my case. However, I think it would be great to select the model like in zapier for example (since the API key is my own anyway).

Thanks for the hint with claude :raised_hands:

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Do you have access to this though? I tried in the past, but turns out I didn’t have access.

Good question. If I remember correctly I was able to select these models within zapier back when i used it.

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