Segment Maps

I’m using Glide apps for door-to-door canvasing for a state house campaign. I’ve got about 8K addresses I’m trying to track. I know the most you can pin in a single app is 1000, which is fine; I don’t need more than 1000 at a time. But I’m unclear as to how you create/segment different maps? How can I move on to a different area of the map to view another batch? Simply moving the map in the app doesn’t do that.

Here’s link to the app:

Hi Brad,
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Two options:

  1. Geocode each address to get Lat, Lng and use geocoded addresses to show the addresses on the map.
  2. Aggregate addresses at a higher geographical level (for instance County, State). Use a separate tab to list addresses at the higher-level, and use a relation to show all the addresses under that geographical level.



Great ideas. Appreciate it man.