"See More" issue

Hello Gliders,

Our app is both Italian and English, we categorized the elements in the home to make it more clean, but when you click on “See More” both the versions see the elements in the same language… Is it possible to fix this limit?


English navigation menu

But Italian translations after click “See more”

Are you using two different inline lists and conditionally showing each one based on language selection? I think I’ve seen issues in the past with multiple lists on the same screen showing the same list layout when viewing the See All screen. Instead of two separate lists, I would probably create If/Then columns in your data to show a value in a particular language based one the language selected. Then you only need one inline list and all of the values in that list will display the If/Then column values,

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Yes the situation is exactly as you described.

Mmm… that’s interesting but wouldn’t it be the same for incoming data?

I explain myself better: we give the possibility to the user to insert data in Italian or English, these datas goes in two different columns of the same spreadsheet (they must be manually translated to be seen in the other one).

Where would you use this If-Then column?

It’s just another column you can add in the data table. I don’t know where you determine if they chose Italian or English, but let’s assume that setting is in the user profile sheet. If the user selects Italian as their language choice in their user profile, then you can create an If/Then column in the data that will look at that setting in the user profile. If it’s Italian, then have the IF/Then column return the value in the Italian column. If it’s English, then return the value in the English column. Rather than select the Italian or English column to display in your list, you just pick the If/Then column instead, so it will dynamically show the correct language based on whichever one the user selected.

You can have the user enter data the same way you do now.


Got it! Thank you very much for your help, I just made some test and it work perfectly :grin:

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