Searching for a fit / template idea for 2 concepts

Dear Glide users,

Hope you are all good and that it’s oke that I share my question here.

I have 2 concepts and I wanna know if Glide is a good match and if you guys have any matching ideas for a templates or futures.

First one: Employment Agency
I have a marketing company. We are working with a lot of students and every week we need more students at specific locations to have enough people in our network for the jobs we have. We wanna build a connector network where students can make an account and introduce friends for the jobs. They get a reward / points if its a fit. So in the ideal situation: 1. Student is singin up. 2. Has a overview of the jobs. 3. Click on a job, see the details and have the oppertunity to introduce a friend (form / reaction). 4. If its a match, we can manually add points and he see a overview of his points in the app.

Second one: Club
A big club asked me to make a system for clients. So: a potiental customer is having an account and when he is coming to the club he is scanning his ID / QR code of something similar. So that we know who is and was inside at which event (bc of COVID) and for retargeting.

Please let me now if you guys have any ideas for a setup for one of the ideas.

:slight_smile: Ruben

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Welcome to the community.

Glide breathes and feeds on your kind of concepts. In fact, we have enough free templates similar to what you equire. Check out the template store.

Second one (QR codes, hmmmmm), see the support hub for answers and solutions.

Start building your student one. EnoughFree templates on that to give you a head start.

I would also check out Robert Pettitos templates.