Search in tiles....Tag Caption etc not working

When searching in tiles is not considering new overlay components…tags caption etc

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I am seeing the same thing if the value is not shown in the details. This is the case for tiles as well as cards.

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Similar issue here.

I was hoping to get a matching search result via the search bar, from an
Inline List–>Cards layout using a category value with Overlays–>Tags but the search does not seem to look for values in the Overlays at all.

We’ll fix that. Thank you for reporting this bug!


@Mark there’s another search related bug. When someone searches in the Choice component then chooses their choice the component closes but it retains the typed search. So the next choice component you open shows that same searched term in the search bar and only shows results of that new choice component based on what is in the search. It’s confusing, as in some cases it will show you no choices since that search term may not correspond to any choices in this new component. And most don’t notice the detach term from their previous search up in the search bar. But worse than that, if they open a component with too few choices, they won’t even get a search bar at the top to clear out that previous search and in that case they might not see any option and not have any way to fix that without going to the previous choice component and clearing out the search. If it’s a required choice, it could completely halt their submission process.

This is causing lots of confusion today with some of my users, because our submission forms have several choice you have to make. And in some cases users are reporting that their entire submission just suddenly goes blank as they click around in various components trying to figure out what is going on… people losing big chunks of input text and other choice submissions going blank again along the way. This all started today, it seems.

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@John_Cabrera Can you reproduce everything going blank when clicking around? Could you make a video?

You’re welcome Mark, and thank you for the prompt follow-up!