🐛 Search Bar Not Displaying

My app’s URL: sightwords.glideapp.io

I created a video screencast to show this bug. The search bar is not appearing on some of my tabs with the Tiles option selected. Not sure why it’s showing up on one and not others. Tried refreshing page; still nothing.

I’m going to venture a guess that it’s somehow related to you not having a Title or Description column selected. Shouldn’t matter, but something to try.

You’re right, hello… Note: Search bar will not display when only displaying images. Thanks, @Jeff_Hager.

Cool. Sounds like a bug though. The search should be searching within each record. @Mark?

I’ll take a look.

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@spencerb The reason the search bar is not showing is because your items don’t have anything to search for. They only have an image in the Tiles view, and in the detail screen there’s only another image.

Arguably, since you’re using text as the Tiles image, Glide should let you search for that. Is that what you were expecting?

I guess so. I’m using Cloudinary to generate the text overlay, but it’s really an image. So yes, the sight word name is within the spreadsheet, but I’m manipulating the Cloudinary URL to generate the image. So, I guess I need to include the sight word name so that it can be searched. Thanks, @Mark.

Nice use of Cloudinary :wink:

Yes, HUUUUGGGGEEEE thanks to @Robert_Petitto for his awesome YouTube tutorial where he shows how he creates an array formula to generate a unique Cloudinary url for the images he wants to display. Highly suggest subscribing to his YouTube channel, which is shockingly low for a guy this knowledgeable and willing to help. Let’s boost that subscribers number for him!

And if any of you need help learning how to generate a text overlay for your Cloudinary resources, I’d love to help.


Thanks, Spencer. Yeah, I don’t tag my videos appropriately or have eye-catching thumbnails like other YouTubers who do it for a living. I appreciate the kind words!