Search for duplicates in Make/Integromat

Hi all,

We use Integromat/Make to add new data to Glide. The data rows has all unique values set by the external source. We would like to check first the Glide table for duplicates before adding the new data rows.

Since Glide have not their own modules (will this be availalbe some day?) we use HTTP modules. If we get all table rows and search for duplicates the filter will have the output 0 (when there aren’t duplicates). When this happens the scenario will stop since the filter hasn’t found any rows (since no duplicates).

Any idea how we can make this work so we can continue the scenario when there are no duplicated rows?

Thank you in advance.

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but isn’t this just a matter of setting up a filter in your Make scenario such that it only continues when the result set is empty? :man_shrugging:

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your quick reply.

When I use the Make filter with condition ‘not equal to’ all the other rows (that are not matching) will continue. This is not what we want :slight_smile:

Okay, I see the issue.
I have a feeling that using an iterator may not be the best option here. You really need something that’s only going to return a result once it’s finished examining the complete set.

@ThinhDinh - I’m thinking your map technique is probably the ticket here?

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Thanks Darren,

We have tried find a solution by using a combination of an aggregator and an iterator but still haven’t found the solution. I hope the mapping option will help us here.

maybe something like this

Yeah, I think a map will work here. Basically it would mean mapping the “check value” against a column in the database. If it returns anything (which means there’s a duplicate) then don’t proceed.

As Eric showed above, it can be structured as a branch condition. Maybe we don’t need the get function, since the map alone might be enough to check if a duplicate exists or not (it returns an array).

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Hi Eric & Thinh,

Thank you for your suggestion. We tried to duplicate your suggestions but we had some troubles with it. Would it be possible to clarify the filter part?


Can you show us how are you configuring it in some screenshots?

They cover it in the section “Mapping an Array’s Element with a Given Key” here.

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We tried our best here but no results so far. It’s feeling like a common search, comparing two different databases but we can’t find any help on other websites as well.

Any thoughts? Otherwise we need to look for an Integromat/Make expert.


Again, can you show us how you’re configuring it? We must know what you’re trying to see where it’s going wrong and how we can help.