Introducing Glide AI, now in beta 💡

We believe that most businesses can benefit from AI, but are being held back by tools that are either too narrowly focused or too complex for day-to-day use.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make working with AI as easy as adding a column to a table?

We’ve been thinking about it a lot… which leads us to Glide AI.

Glide AI is a set of building blocks that make it easy to create custom, AI-powered apps.

With Glide AI, you can:

  • Generate text based on existing data
  • Convert audio to text
  • Extract text data from images
  • Automatically convert unstructured data into structured data

These new native AI capabilities give you the freedom to build the tools you need, without the complexity of managing prompts, choosing models, dealing with complex APIs, or caching results to optimize cost and performance.

Glide handles it all for you. :magic_wand:

Glide AI is now available in beta for Pro, Business, and Enterprise teams.

Capabilities depend on your team plan:

Text: Pro plan and above

  • Generate Text column
  • Text to Choice column
  • Text to Boolean column
  • Text to Number column
  • Text to Date column

Multimodal: Business plan and above

  • Audio to Text column
  • Image to Text column

Refer to the Glide AI docs for more details on getting started.

We can’t wait to see what you build!


can i use it to detect duplicated number between rows ?

because i did, but it aint quite accurate.
is there any specific ways ?

You should just create a relation to check it, no?

i did, but it cost me slow loading my own database (15k data row)
but it also got restricted relation check when i used row owner between data

Then I don’t think AI can help you better in that case, since it would only see the rows it has access to.

And also please beware of using the AI columns like that, it can take away your updates count considering you’re using it on a 15k-row table.

ohh, how does the updates consumes ?

and any other option to detect any duplicates data ?

From David (the CEO’s words): “Glide calculates only what it needs to show the user the screen, if Glide doesn’t need something to show the screen, it doesn’t calculate it.”

If you need to check the full table, but with row owners, the only way is to check it through an external service like to query the data (if you have access to the Query endpoint on Glide Tables). For other data sources, maybe do a search module with GSheets/Airtable.


Congrats to Glide. Is the AI engine CHAT GPT v3.5?

I have been disappointed with the accuracy of v3.5, especially when dealing with tables of data. If it is v4+ then the performance is supposed to be on a different level.

AI and this Glide AI feature is great BUT more than fancy new features we need classic features like:

  • scan barcode button
  • triggers
  • timers

please, I don’t want to go to any other no code tool to do such simple things, I want do it all on glide.
Thanks and congrats for the achievement


@Rimatcom - Thanks for the candour. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already, please bring your suggestions to the Feature Requests category. That helps us tie user requests back to specific community threads when advocating for new features internally. :+1:


Are you sure this is available for Pro and it won’t change at some point?
I am not trying to be sarcastic but I find it very difficult these days to invest time in some of these features especially when it can be very easily shifted to another high costing team plan where you need to upgrade just to work or test it out.

Another suggestion would be for these features to be made available to all paid packages while in beta stage so that the testing is done by a greater pool of developers than only those with the business plan or enterprise plan.

Well done to the Glide team for this, keep up the good work :clap:

…but also spare a thought every now and then for the “little guys” ($25 plan) also in terms of feature releases otherwise some of us will be left behind :pensive:


I agree with this.

How can new developers test and learn the potential of Glide AI if they must have a paid plan?

This is a “new” technology that will attract a lot of new users/developers, more ideas and businesses, but at least they need to try something.


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Thank you @Luther and @gvalero, I’m bringing this up with the team. :+1:


I just duplicated and redesigned an app for my client.

The duplicated app is missing Actions in the nav bar and most of the integration features, so I created a New App from the existing data only to find some appearance features are now missing, (but all the integrations are there).

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get the extended appearance features and integrations all in one app?

Seems like you mean you were migrating from Classic Apps to the new Glide Apps? The design options are different between the two, so there’s nothing we can do here.

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Oh I see, I’ve been using Glide for a week now, so I was unaware. Thanks for your feedback!