Search Bug

My app’s URL:

Searching my list with the exact name of a location in my sheet yields no results. even a search for a word within the two words yields no results.

Please let me know what else I can share that is useful.


Can you please show us with a video? Show us the data in your sheet, the search term you try, and the result?

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Tried mel’s and mels as shown in the video.


Mel’s Drive In
Free Loaded Short Rib Fries or Free (Milkshake or Malt) with purchase of any entree
8585 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069



    February 29

Can you please show us with a video? Show us the data in your sheet, the search term you try, and the result?

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Had it again with a new record

it was a record with a ’

|Hank’s… a deli of sorts|Free iced tea, lemonade, or Arnold Palmer with sandwich purchase


Free small potato salad/coleslaw with sandwich purchase
|Toluca Lake, CA|4315 Riverside Drive, Los Angles, CA, 91505|

I could easily see the ' causing an issue.

Sorry if I am missing something – which video?

Tried to email it as I couldn’t upload on forum.

The file bounced as tall large. I even tried to send it as 480p.

Should I email it to you directly?


Please upload it somewhere and share a link. YouTube unlisted works well.

Got it! Thank you for showing us.

Hi, still getting this and it seems to be around the ’

Any updates? The item is searchable before I get to adding ’


Is there any chance that maybe the apostrophe character is not actually an apostrophe, but looks similar? I did a quick test and it seems to work for me. Where did you get the data for the sheet? Can you remove the apostrophe and retype it in your sheet…then try the search again?

Or copy and paste “Mel’s” into a word processor along with typing an apostrophe after it and change the font to see if a different fonts make each apostrophe appear different.

Unlikely, as I took it from one google sheet where I typed it on my mabook.

I even deleted it and retyped it out again and researched it.

Even more interesting if it is working for you.

Thanks for taking a look.

I don’t know if it would be different with your app, but I typed Mel’s into a note in my app, then I was able to search for it with the apostrophe. Using Android here.