How to search and find the person you want

I am making an employee DB app. How do I get the name I’m looking for when I type it in the search bar on the first screen?

Hello @_ffwpu If we assume that your “first screen” is a Tab, and that the source of your Tab is the sheet containing the names; then, for example, if in the Tab Layout there is a “List” or “Compact” component showing names and other data, there is no reason why you cannot search and then see the element of the list that contains the name searched in the search bar.

Take a tour of the Glide documentation, the guides are done very well.


Thanks for knowing how. Instead of relation, I wrote a spread cell with the name text. However, there are places that are searched and some are not. There is no other place, but I don’t know why.

Can you record a video of this?

I’m sorry, but it contains personal information.

No… I’ll try.

I’m Korean. An image appears when searching for “Jincheon” in Korean and “Lee Sangheon” in Korean. However, in District 4, I searched for the name “Lee Sujeong”, but the image did not appear.

Sorry I’m not really familiar with Korean language, is your search term shown anywhere in the details screen?

Yes, the name will appear on the attached spread. However, I cannot search in the search box.

Do you show that field anywhere in the components inside the details view?


Attach the detailed view of the component. It is suddenly searched.

So it works now?

No… nothing else can be done now.

What if you add a component, let’s say Text, and point that to the field you want to search in the Details View?

I can’t even search for the name by adding text among components.

I mean you can add a component inside the details view instead of just having a single inline list.

Solved it. When I copied the Googlespread column and copied it to a new cell, it was searched.
Thank you very much for your care.

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