Search Box component is gone?

Hi all,

I tried to implement the Search Box component on my app for users to search a registered product in my database, but it looks like the Search Box component is gone. I found the help page regarding the Search Box component ( but it also looks like gone as well. Does anyone know where I can find the search box component?

Thank you for your help!

I’m not aware of any specific search box component, but you can enable search on any Collection in the Options section of the component configuration.


Hi Darren!

Thank you for your response! Sorry my explanation was not clear enough.

I wanted to know if there is any function / component to search a registered product in my database with predictive text. For example, when user type in “Mac” to the input component, then the system list the name of products which includes “Mac” in the name such as “MacBook Pro” or “MacBook Air”.

I would be really appreciate if you could let me know if you know such functionality.

Thank you!

That should work with the standard Collection search bar. Have you tried it?

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Thank you again for your prompt response!

I actually want to use the function in a form. For example, if user type in “Mac” to the “Product” input component in the attached image, I want to see the “MacBook Pro” or “MacBook Air” as a predictive text in my data. I want to use the search function as a component level, not Collection level. I wish I can find such function if exist.

Thank you!

I see.

Well, what you can do there is use a Choice Component instead of a Text Input component. The Choice component has a built in search.

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