Search bar and chat

Is there a way to add a search bar in global chat? I use global chat to let all employees chat with each other like in a group. Given that there are now a lot of messages, I am planning to add a search bar in the chat. How to do that?

Hello @Tirth_Patel! Nice idea. This isn’t a feature for the global chat currently. Feel free to submit it to this channel, click here.

There are workarounds to achieve what you’re asking, however. Linking you with @ThinhDinh, @Darren_Murphy and @Robert_Petitto who are some of our leading experts who may be able to help.

Yeah, it would require implementing your own chat functionality.
Might wait for Bob to respond, I’m guessing that he probably has a video tutorial on this one hidden somewhere :wink:


also is there a way to add time stamping in global chat?

not in the chat provided by Glide, but if you build your own custom chat (there are a few examples and templates around), you can easily do it.

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With the global chat, what you see is what you get. There are no enhancements or options for that screen. As @Darren_Murphy mentioned, you’d have to build your own.

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where can I find tutorial for adding a search bar in global chat?

@Robert_Petitto is there an alternate way to add a search bar and timestamping in global chat?

@eltintero how to create a custom chat? where can I find examples and templates on it?

@ThinhDinh, @Darren_Murphy, requesting your replies as well!

There is no native search feature for the global chat.

My matching template has a custom chat